EVENING MENU Monday-Thursday 5-7.30pm

Two Courses £13.95 Choose any Starter and main course dish

Three Courses £16.95 Choose any Starter and Soup and Main course dish


1. Stay Gai

2. BBQ spare Ribs

3. Sweet Corn Cake

4. Fish Cake

5. Vegetable Spring Rolls

6. Minced Prawn on toast

7. Thong Tong

8. Chicken Spring Rolls

9. King Prawn Spring Rolls


10. Hot & Sour Chicken

11. Hot & Sour Vegetables Soup Main Couse


12. Pad Thai ( Veg, Prawn, Beef , Chicken)

13. Green Curry ( Veg, Beef , Chicken)

14. Red Curry ( Veg, Prawn, Beef , Chicken)

15. Stir Fry Garlic and Pepper (Veg, Prawn, Beef , Chicken)

16. Stir Fry Fresh Chilli & Mix Vegetables (Beef , Chicken)

17. Stir Fry Sweet & Sour (Veg, Beef , Chicken)

18. Stir Fry Chicken with Cashew nut

19. Stir Fry Beef with Oyster Sauce

All Served with boiled rice:

Egg fried rice or noodles extra 80p.

Note: Any Dishes on the menu can made according to your taste – Mild, Spicy or Extra Hot – Some Dishes may contain peanuts or traces of nuts.

If you have a food allergy please advise before ordering

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